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Maksim played a sensational sell-out crossover concert in Taiwan at the Maioli Outdoor Stadium on 20th March 2009, performing to a crowd of 31,000. Maksim gave an electrifying performance and got an ecstatic reception form the audience, which included many representatives from the media. People were of the general opinion that this was one of the best concerts ever in Taiwan. More images to follow.

2009年3月20日,邁可森為台灣苗栗縣立體育場內的31,000名觀眾帶來一場造成轟動且票房銷售一空的跨界音樂演奏會。邁可森令人振奮的演出獲得觀眾和許多媒體的熱烈回應,大家普遍認為這是在台灣舉辦過的音樂會當中,最精采的音樂會之ㄧ。相關照片如下: (版主翻譯,僅供參考,請勿轉載。)

005-01-Taiwan Concert March 2009-Rehearsals during the daytime.jpg 
Rehearsals during the daytime  白天彩排畫面

005-02-Taiwan Concert March 2009-In front of a crowd of 31,000.jpg 
In front of a crowd of 31,000  面對31,000名觀眾

005-03-Taiwan Concert March 2009-One of the best concerts ever in Taiwan.jpg 
One of the best concerts ever in Taiwan  在台灣,這是最精采的音樂會之ㄧ。



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