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Croatia showed off its traditional culture and modern art at its Pavilion Day yesterday. Among the highlights was a performance by 35-year-old Maksim (MAK-seem) Mrvica (Mrr-VEET-sa), who's known as the Croatian Piano Prince. Song Wenjing has the highlights...


Mrvica (mrr-VEET-sa) played eight songs at the expo center last night. Although he says he quit wearing formal suits at classical music concerts more than 10 years ago. yesterday's show was different --  he WAS wearing one. And visitors saw and heard a demonstration in his piano skills in which he played on 16 piano keyboards within 1 second.

邁可森昨晚在世博中心演奏了八首曲目。雖然邁可森表示他已超過十年的時間在古典音樂會演出時不穿正式的西裝,但昨天則有所不同 -- 他穿著西裝演出,並且讓觀眾們在演奏會上見識到他一秒彈奏16個音符的鋼琴技巧。

When he ISN'T performing Mrvica looks more like a pop star or fashion model. Although he is a classical musician, Mrvica has always pursued something different. He has added pop, electronic and rock elements to his music. Mrvica first came to Shanghai 8 years ago, and says he is fascinated by the rhythem of the city.




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