Source: Croatian Times 2010.03.22


Pianist Maksim Mrvica has been voted the sexiest male Croat.


The cross-over music star received 17.5 percent of the vote in an online poll by Croatian Times.

這位跨界音樂明星在 Croatian Times 舉辦的線上票選活動中獲得百分之17.5 的選票。

Readers chose Tottenham's midfielder Niko Kranjcar as the second-sexiest Croat (10.9 per cent) and former Wimbledon champion Goran Ivanisevic as the third (9.7 percent).

讀者選出的第二名是 Tottenham 的中場隊員 Niko Kranjcar (獲得百分之10.9 選票),第三名則是前溫網冠軍 Goran Ivanisevic(獲得百分之9.7 選票)。

Tennis star Mario Ancic was fourth (6.7 percent), followed by footballer Mladen Petric (4.3 per cent) and pop star Gibonni (3.8 per cent).

網球名將 Mario Ancic 名列第四 (獲得百分之6.7選票),接著是足球運動員 Mladen Petric (獲得百分之4.3選票)和流行音樂明星 Gibonni。

Over 47 per cent of the 1,306 people who took part in the poll named someone else the sexiest male Croat.



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