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The first CD by the young pianist Maksim Mrvica features works by contemporary Croatian composers.
"The trademark of this collection of the comparatively recent Croatian piano miniatures is a peculiarly concealed yet indicative yearning for the return of tonality: at the peaks of tonal fractures and turbulences of all compositions of sharper sound frameworks there suddenly comes a crucial halt from which emerges the noble head of triple chord or keynote, each of these being achieved differently in each work." (Dubravko Detoni)

The album won awards for the album of the year, for the best production and the best recording in the category of classical music at the award-winning ceremony of the Croatian music awards Porin 2002.

Cantus, 2001
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1. Varijacije Na Medimursku Tema/ Variations On The Theme From Medimurje (Mladen Tarbuk)
2. Igra Staklenih Perli/ A Play Of Glass Beads (Ivo Josipovic)
3-7. Pet Intermezza/ Five Intermezzos (Sanja Drakulic)
8-9. Dva Preludija/ Two Preludes (Antun Tomislav Saban)
10-15. Sest Bagatela/ Six Bagatelles (Srecko Bradic)
16. Neurosis (Kresimir Selectkovic)
17. Ples Barunice/ Dance Of The Baroness (Frano Parac)
18. Geste/ Gestures (Dubravko Detoni)


2. Igra Staklenih Perli/ A Play Of Glass Beads (Ivo Josipovic)

8-9. Dva Preludija/ Two Preludes (Antun Tomislav Saban) 

18. Geste/ Gestures (Dubravko Detoni) 

※ GESTE/GESTURES專輯是2001年邁可森在克羅埃西亞發行的專輯,非EMI發行。 
※ 依據 CANTUS 發行資料修正 Geste/Gestures 專輯發行年份為2001年。 





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