Source: The Official Maksim Website    November 2007



1.  Dies Irae
2.  Hall Of The Mountain King
3.  Exodus
4.  Croatian Rhapsody
5.  Passionata
6.  Somewhere In Time
7.  Yellow River
8.  Cubana
9.  Claudine
10. New World Concerto
11. Poseidon’s Tale
12. Child In Paradise
13. The Flight Of The Bumble-bee

News from Tonči Huljić Website    October 16, 2007

Maksim Mrvica is currently recording his new, 5th studio album. The recording sessions are to start on 24 October in Olympic Studio in London. The big news is that no other instruments are used apart from Maksim’s piano. The album is featuring six Tonči Huljić compositions and classic music remixes. The music producer of the project is Jonathan Allen, and Mel Bush and Tonči Huljić are executive producers.

Here you can listen a demo mix of the Maksim's new songs... Listen ...

※ The Album 'PURE' is NOT available at Music Merchandise now. News from The Official Maksim Website in February 2008:


EMI has forced us to take the original ‘Pure’ album off sale due to contractual obligations.

We have decided to release another version of Pure called ‘Pure 2′ with new tracks from Maksim.

"PURE" 原是邁可森在2007年11月發行的第5張新專輯,這張專輯是透過經紀公司發行,並由 Music Merchandise 進行線上銷售,雖然從曲目看來似乎像是精選輯,但事實上卻是透過邁可森的琴音重新詮釋這些曲目,是張純鋼琴演奏的古典專輯,然而發行不久後便因EMI唱片合約的緣故停止銷售。之後邁可森重新錄製另一版本的新專輯"PURE II"且再次透過 Music Merchandise 全球發行,這也是台灣金牌大風在2008年發行的"純玩家"版本。若樂迷想了解"PURE"的曲風,可以聽聽 Tonči Huljić 提供的Demo mix... Listen ...





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