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As part of his Slovenian concert tour, Maksim Mrvica also visited the coast. Last Saturday, on 13 November, he delighted his audience in the sold-out hall of the Auditorium Portorož with an exceptional two-hour performance. He performed music from his latest album Pure II.

邁可森在這次的斯洛維尼亞巡演行程中拜訪了沿岸地區。11月13日上週六,在門票售罄的Auditorium Portorož會堂,邁可森長達二小時的精采演出讓觀眾們感到欣喜。他在演奏會上演奏了專輯 Pure II 的音樂。

After the concert, the Croatian pianist was a guest at the exclusive Grand Hotel Portorož, where he spent the night in one of the most elegant hotel suites. He was satisfied with his stay, and we hope to welcome him again soon in our hotels.


The world renowned pianist Maksim Mrvica was born in 1975 in Šibenik. He met his first love, the piano, at the age of nine. He soon showed his talent, as he gave his first concert with an orchestra when he was only eleven. The war did not stop this young talent, and he continued his studies at home and abroad. The turning point in his career was his return to Croatia.

1975年出生於Sibenik的世界知名鋼琴家邁可森,在他九歲時遇見了他的初戀 - 鋼琴。他很快就展現了他的天賦。年僅11歲的邁可森與管弦樂團合作,舉辦了他的首場演奏會。戰爭無法阻擋這位年輕的天才,他持續在國內外的音樂學校就讀深造。返回祖國克羅埃西亞成為他職業生涯的轉捩點。

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