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Maksim performed at the Opening Ceremony of the 4th DMZ Korean International Documentary Film Festival.   
Photo : TV Daily 2012.09.21


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Maksim performed at the Opening Ceremony of the 4th DMZ Korean International Documentary Film Festival.   


Information : DMZDocs2012

● Title : The 4th DMZ Korean International Documentary Festival(DMZ Docs 2012)
● Theme : Peace, life and communication of DMZ
● Date : 21st(fri) ~ 27th(thu), September, 2012
● Scale & Place : 
   · Scale: 115 films from 37countries
   · Place: Paju Bookcity(Lotte Cinema-Paju Outlet, Megobox-Paju Bookcity)
● Host & Organization :
   · Host: Gyeonggi province / Paju city / DMZ DOCS committee / MBC
   · Gyeonggi Contents Agency / Gyeonggi Film Commission

                   DMZ Docs poster

DMZ, Spreading the spirit into a blossoming flower!
Media artist Lee Yong-baek's〈Angel Soldier〉, reborn into the festival's official poster!

DMZ, 將欲傳遞的精神在時空裡延展開來幻化為一朵朵盛開的花!
媒體藝術家Lee Yong-baek的〈Angel Soldier〉重獲新生成為電影節的官方海報!


Fateful encounter of the DMZ and DOCUMENTARY

DMZ, which represents our state of armistice, is a place where we realize the true value of 'peace' and 'communication'. We sometimes tend to forget about these values. This is the reason for having this documentary festival in DMZ. Through the power of documentary, we will again realize the value of peace in the space of DMZ. DMZ Korean International Documentary Festival is where the space of possibility(DMZ) meets the film of possibility(Documentary). Through this encounter, you will be able to experience unlimited expansion of your values.




Information : VisitKorea│ Official Korea Tourism Organization

Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) │ Peace and Life Zone (PLZ)

Korea is the only divided country in the world. After the Korean War (June 25 1950 – July 27 1953), South Korea and North Korea established a border that cut the Korean peninsula roughly in half. Stretching for 2km on either side of this border is the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

For over fifty years the areas surrounding the DMZ have been restricted to the general public.  As a result, they have become a wildlife preserve containing incredible bio-diversity.  The DMZ and its surrounding areas are now referred to as the Peace and Life Zone (PLZ).

非武裝軍備區(DMZ) │ 和平與生命的空間(PLZ)

韓國是現今世界上唯一分裂的國家。朝鮮戰爭之後(1950年6月25日 - 1953年7月27日),南韓與北韓相鄰的邊界(休戰線)將朝鮮半島大致上切割為半。在休戰線的兩側向外延伸2公里的範圍內就是非武裝軍備區(DMZ)。




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